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Three common career fields South Carolina students are enrolling in are computer technology, business and culinary arts.

The broad computer technology field, whether it is computer science, information technology, information management, or a specific concentration of one of them, is a field that has experienced considerable growth in the last few decades. Recent graduates typically experience decent recruitment opportunities for new positions at good starting salaries. And career advancement is wide open to smart, hard-working IT professionals. Consider technology as a college major.

The field of business continues to attract lots of incoming freshmen every new semester. And it's a reasonable choice for many students. A degree in business can offer lots of opportunities upon graduation, especially in certain concentrations such as accounting or finance. Many business majors aren't stopping with merely an undergraduate degree either, many are continuing on with pursuing a graduate degree. Even if you are only in the process of earning your master's degree in business can look great to a prospective employer. Consider business as a college major.

The culinary arts field is getting more popular as well. Culinary schools have seen a rise in enrollment for both diploma programs as well as individual courses. Most culinary arts programs reward new graduates with working internships at local restaurants where students can gain the experience their resumes' need. While not all cities have a good culinary school, you may be able to find one in your town, local schools, or you may have to relocate to a city that does have one. Consider a culinary career through a school in a new city.

If you're looking for a new experience and want to attend school far from where you grew up, you have an unlimited amount of options. One city that is high on a lot of high school seniors' wish list is San Francisco. Going to college in the San Francisco Bay Area can be a great experience for a young person. Consider attending college in Northern California.

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