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Most high school seniors enroll at a traditional four-year college. Earning a bachelor's degree is a great start for most young people. Today's high school graduates have more options than ever before when it comes to choices of schools. See choices you may want to consider.

As far as specific college majors, you already know about the common ones like business, nursing, teaching, information technology and science, but there are other interesting choices as well, such as animation design and criminal justice. Animation design majors learn how to use technology and software to create either simple or complex animation for television and the internet. See examples. Criminal justice majors can prepare to one day work for a federal law enforcement division, such as the FBI, CIA or Secret Service. These federal agencies seek individuals with at least a bachelor's degree and a spotless background check. See examples of criminal justice training programs.

Another example of a major that doesn't get much exposure is design. Design majors are usually graphic arts students who combine their talent in the art arena with practical graphic design skills and computer technology skills to work designing graphics and visuals for businesses and organizations. A smaller percentage of design majors end up working in fashion or interior design. See examples of design schools in South Carolina.

A percentage of high school seniors want to attend college out of state. While the majority of South Carolina students stay somewhere on the east coast, a few venture further away. Some are attracted to the warm weather of Southern California and Arizona. Phoenix is a pretty affordable city to live in and attend school. See if Phoenix or another Arizona college campus works for you.

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Course possibilities to look into to look for college degree programs in career fields such as sociology, graphic design, information technology, and advertising.
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