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You don't have to enroll at a fancy four-year university. There are lots of good jobs available to individuals who have a vocational diploma. Today's vocational and trade schools are doing a good job at getting students ready to step into a new career with just a short period of intense training. These schools are affordable and your classes are focused exclusively on you chosen profession. See some choices at a local vocational school.

However, most students do enroll at a four-year college with the intent of earning a bachelor's degree. While many colleges are very expensive, there are some good, affordable options. Plus, besides just the traditional campus-based university, there are also schools with online degree options. While studying online isn't for everybody, some students even prefer it over commuting to a campus every day. See more choices for colleges in your area and online.

Thinking about leaving town to go to college? Florida draws a lot of Carolina high school graduates every year. Most students end up in either Tampa or Miami. Florida has offers for the serious student as well as the student who wants to just have fun during their college years. See if South Florida has a school for you.

If you really want to get far away from home, you can't get too much farther than California. And California has as many college options as any other state. You could enroll in virtually any degree program there is, including business, technology, arts, science, or any other field.

And for the road less taken, you could go to culinary arts school. Good culinary schools are found usually just in the bigger cities. You can find them along the east coast, the west coast and the Midwest, including the State of Ohio. Ohio has a good school in each of its major cities. See if you would fit in at culinary school.

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